Blurp is not a food product

Dollar store in Hawkesbury

I found this “toy” at the Dollar Store in the Hawkesbury Mall. What does it do? The package doesn’t say. Who makes it? The package doesn’t say. What do your kids do with it? The package doesn’t say. Is there a Blurp website? Of course not. So, can you trust Blurp? The package doesn’t even say where Blurp was made.

But my guess is Blurp was made in a place where 100k’s of people are sent to forced-work camps for the crime of thinking. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Blurp was made up entirely of work camp prisoners.

But it does come in “4 smells”, and it’s “Safe & Non-Toxic”, and there are “Fun Sound Effects!”, so… I guess, when inhaled, Blurp makes it easier to forget Tibet.

These are the only instructions from the other side of the package: “Warning: Not a food product. Do not eat. Blurp may stick to or stain fabric, wood, carpet or other surfaces. If necessary remove excess and wash with hot water and white vinegar.” Fun.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

3 thoughts on “Blurp is not a food product

    • My first thought was soylent green as well, but that was in a completely different aisle. Blurp doesn’t actually come in colours, it comes in smells. That’s what it does… it smells like stuff, and makes noise. But it’s safe, and non-toxic. I should have bought some, because I can’t find it anymore. Whatever Blurp’s purpose was, Blurp fulfilled it, and moved on.


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