Vankleek Hill street surfer

Vankleek Hill Fair

I’ve said it before, I’ll write it again, at one point in my life I used to shoot punk concerts, events and festivals. I was backstage in 1997, when the ‘Ottawa Treaty’, which banned landmines, was signed. I met and took a photo of the representative from Afghanistan — who may or may not have actually been Osama bin Laden — crying in relief after signing the document.

A few moments later I took a photo of Lloyd Axworthy, the Canadian politician who put the Treaty together, sharing a moment with legendary singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn, who wrote a song about shooting people like Lloyd in the ass with a rocket launcher.

In 2000, I also shot at the mega-legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto when my friends’ band ‘Constable Brennan’ opened for uber-legendary ska band ‘English Beat’ ( with Dave Wakeling), and finished with a version of “Mirror In The Bathroom” that kicked Dave’s ass up and down Queen Street… you may have to Google some of that to understand any of it.

…all I’m saying is that, since I moved back to Vankleek Hill, I’ve spent the past, lets say fifty-years (feels like), taking photos of flowers and the same bits of downtown, over and over again.

And once again today, I was shooting flowers and autumn leaves, and thinking about shooting myself in the chest, when I saw this kid… my girlfriend thinks his name is Ian.

This is the only shot I took, but I manually tracked him with the camera for almost two minutes before taking it.

I showed him the photo, and he seemed to like it, so if he wants a copy of the high-resolution version, he just has to leave me an email address here and I’ll send it to him.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

3 thoughts on “Vankleek Hill street surfer

    • …wait, one of whose? You mean like a bitter, cynical burnout barely subsisting on past glory and barely acknowledging his existence on this plane of reality so he can lose himself in memories? Or like a member of some Oliver Twist-style street gang of urchins who will steal so that I can clothe myself in finery? Because I’ve been putting some serious thought into starting up the latter as a way to recover from the former.


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