Beau’s Oktoberfest 2014: D.O.A. Live

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I have three kids — 9-ish, 5-ish, and zero-ish, and I drive a minivan. Tonight, which was Halloween, we watched Disney’s ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow… the cartoon. Most weekdays I watch ‘Bubble Guppies’, ‘Octonauts’ and, in the mornings, ‘Umizoomi’. On a good day, I can slip in ‘Peg + Cat’. But that can take a lot of work.

Sometimes I’ll even find myself watching their favourite cartoons while my kids are in their room, or gone with their mom somewhere. And I’ll shake myself out of the cartoon-inspired daze, realizing I’ve spent the past thirty minutes wondering how Dora is going to get to the mountain without being harassed by that little fucking fox, Swiper.

And then there are days when, somehow, I end up standing eight inches away from JoeyShitheadKeithley, and the rest of D.O.A., as they perform on a tiny stage in my tiny hometown.

I like those days as well.

These were taken on the Saturday of Beau’s Oktoberfest… D.O.A. were playing on the ‘Skate Stage’, which (IMO) was the best area for musical performances… including The Nasties, The New Swears, Audio Visceral, and The Fandemics. But mostly because of D.O.A.. Who are awesome.



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