Sharing Our Favourite Five Photos: Alyssa Dines

Alyssa Dines

There are very few rules to our Club… we’re cool like that. Basically, when someone joins, they have to share a little bit about themselves — what kind of camera(s) they shoot with, what their favourite kinds of photography are, if they’ve ever taken lessons… just stuff.

We also ask them to send us their favourite photos from their personal portfolio / archives… just to get them started and introduced to the blogging world.

As we continue to have people join our wee club, we’re starting to see a common thread among local amateur photographers… of all our members, most have taken a photography course with local photographer, teacher, and co-owner of the Skelly Gallery in St. Eugene, Nik Schnell.

This includes our newest member, Alyssa Dines:

“My name is Alyssa, and I enjoy expressing myself through photographs and the art of taking them.

“I took an up close and personal photography course, only six students, with Nik Schnell. I learned many things about taking pictures, lighting, camera settings etc. Once the course was finished, we all presented some work at The Skelly Gallery. Very fulfilling and encouraging class.

“I have been taking pictures and scrapbooking them for as long as I can remember. A camera every couple of years was usually on my Christmas list.

“I don’t have a preferred medium but if I had to choose I would say portrait shots or any kind of up closeness.

“I am currently on my second Canon Camera and I truly love all the things I can do.”

Over the past few weeks, we’ve featured Cathy Badcock, Pamela Dewar, Denise Dejardins, Sandra Bennett, Melissa Pilon, and Louise Desrosiers

…we have lots more photos coming. In the meantime, enjoy Alyssa’s very first post with us — just click on any of the photos to get the carousel moving.

Facebook ImageVankleek Hill Photos copyright


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