Burning down the Vankleek Hill fair

Vankleek Hill Fair

The 2010 Vankleek Hill Agricultural Fair: I’m not saying it deserved to burn… just that there were some matches laying around, and I happened to have a jug of gas. I kid. That’s just the sun setting over the opening night… that it looks like the Apocalypse is just a coincidence, I’m sure.

2 thoughts on “Burning down the Vankleek Hill fair

    • Thanks. The sunset was spectacular, I have a bunch of shots of it from different parts of town that are equally as cool, but it’s the clouds that make the scene special. There was a huge on-again off-again storm that broke right when the sun was hitting “magic hour”, so it gave the sunset something to bounce off of. This year the storms have come either too early, right after sunset, or after it’s dark. Weather sucks.


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