No more segregated parking for faculty and staff

Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign… and then they get torn down in order to make the parking lot some socialist utopia where everyone has the same parking rights. I think that was the original intent of Five Man Electrical Band’s* classic song “Signs”, before hippies perverted it into an anti-sign anthem. [link: Signs video]

Part of the package when they built Vankleek Hill’s new high school (Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute 3.0), was a brand new and much larger parking lot. These signs are from the old parking lot, which was actually a parking little (HA!) because it had very little in the way of space.

Anyway, everyone’s safe now. The photo looks kind of weird because of the angle I had to shoot in order to keep my feet out of the frame. If, for some reason, someone wanted to see it as I took it, they’d have to flip the image 180 degrees. Honestly, if anyone is going to do this, I’d prefer if they didn’t save the image to their hard drive, so maybe you could just flip your screen instead.

*Five Man Electrical Band were aboot as Canadian as it gets.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

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