Andrew the Gelfling versus the Willow Troll

Captain Andrew in Vankleek Hill

Something Andrew and I do when we’re together is search for colourful leaves, cool rocks and especially interesting shapes in trees. Andrew is my girlfriend’s oldest son, he’s just about six-years old. On this day he spotted a log at the bottom of this willow tree that looked like a pterodactyl. I couldn’t see it, so he stormed off to show me. Which is when I realized the willow tree itself was a giant bird-troll.

Kind of a squatting, camouflaged Skeksis from The Dark Crystal. Which, of course, makes Andrew a Gelfling. The movie is thirty years old, so it might be an obscure reference. It probably wouldn’t be so obscure if it had actors like David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly… especially Jennifer Connelly, like Labyrinth did in 1986.

Both were Jim Henson movies, so lessons were probably learned. Like, always cast Jennifer Connelly.

I love how determined he looks. Like it’s go-time and something is about to be fucked up. I have a series of shots of Andrew approaching, pointing like he’s smiting something, then victoriously walking back.

If I ever have to face a Skeksis I’d definitely want Andrew on my side.

Vankleek Hill Photos copyright

2 thoughts on “Andrew the Gelfling versus the Willow Troll

  1. Watching ‘Labyrinth’ made me understand the importance of having Jennifer Connelly in every movie ever made. Watching ‘Dark Crystal’ just scared the shit out of me. So all of those characters are kind of burned into my soul. I’m fairly confident I could watch it again without wetting myself, but I’m not entirely confident. But you’re welcome nonetheless.

    I honestly did not see the pterodactyl until ten minutes ago. Kid has better eyes than I do.

    Thanks for the comment, it’s very appreciated.


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